In response to our place as a leader in cooling all types of fluids.  We have changed our name to Fluid Chillers, Inc.  Fluid Chillers, Inc. added the new phone number 1-800-CHILLER (244-5537) to provide our customers with an easy way to remember how to get a hold of us.  

As a leader in our industry we are constantly looking for ways to assist our growing customer base.


Vehicle Roof Mounted Chillers

We recently developed a line of chillers that are designed to be roof mounted on top of work/site trucks to cool on board processes.  This line of vehicle roof mounted chillers, comes complete with pump and tank systems.  You can also add the generator option for complete independent field operations.

Extra Large Heat Exchangers2013-2

These extra large heat exchanger packages have built in "DI" systems.  They provide closed loop "DI" process water to larger laser operations.  They work in conjunction with 500 ton outdoor chiller packages.  

Custom Test Stands

This custom test stand was constructed for a customer to test tanks, It will cool and heat fluid, and allows the customer to adjust flow rates and pressures.  The PLC interfaces with all testing and records data for production runs.

September 2012 Coolant Chillers

Chiller and Tank Systems

Fluid Chillers specializes in controlling straight water to close to freezing temperatures for processing.  This project provides a customer with 4000 gallons of water just above freeze point, on demand. 
Chiller and tank system are skid mounted for outdoor installation.

MSU Cyclotron Projectaug_2011_

Fluid Chillers builds one of its largest module units ever, for Michigan State University’s new Cyclotron Project.

Center Chiller Systems oct_2011

Fluid Chillers partners up with a large inner city hospital contractor, to provide central chiller systems for the medical industry. These systems are designed to discharge air flow to the side. (Example; installed on the 60th floor of a 120 story building)

World's Largest TelescopeCoolant Chillers : large telescope in the forest

Fluid Chillers, Lansing, Michigan, U.S.A.
Recently completed the cooling system for the worlds largest telescope located in South America.

Coolant Chillers : Deasert Cooling

Mechanical Contractor Award

Fluid Chillers recently received the highest Mechanical Contractor award for providing four of the largest drinking water chiller systems operating in the Middle East in ambient temperature up to 130ºf.

Coolant Chillers : Factory Floor

Fluid Chillers, Inc. Expands

Fluid Chillers adds capacity in their sheet metal and fabrication area to meet the expanding needs of their customers faster.


Michigan's Fastest Growing Tech Manufacturing Co.

Fluid Chillers recognized as one of Michigan's fastest growing technical manufacturing companies